Video Playback Issues: Freezing, Buffering, Fuzzy Video, Black Screen

Updated: 2023-01-27 16:43:07 UTC

The Magnolia app uses adaptive bitrate streaming, which means the quality of the video you're watching is reliant upon the strength of your wireless connection.

If you experience issues with video playback, please check your Wi-Fi connection. If you're still unable to stream video using other apps, try signing out of Magnolia and signing back in.

If you're still experiencing video playback issues, please try the following steps, in this order:

  1. Close the Magnolia app.
  2. Turn off the device you are using to stream Magnolia shows.
  3. Turn off, then restart your internet modem and router.
  4. Power your device back on.
  5. Open the Magnolia app.

Video playback issues on Android devices 
If you are unable to stream Magnolia video on your Android device, and receive the error message, "Sorry, there seems to be a technical issue," there may be a conflict with Video Enhancer or Vibrant Color Effect settings on your device.

In order to remedy this issue, please try disabling Video Enhancer and/or Vibrant Color Effect in your device display settings.

If you continue to experience issues with video playback, please contact us.

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