About Magnolia Candle Subscriptions

Updated: 2024-04-18 16:04:34 UTC

Magnolia candle subscriptions are available for purchase through your free Magnolia Perks account and are a great way to skip the step of reordering your favorite scents when the wick burns low by having Magnolia candles shipped directly to your home as often as you’d like! Click here to sign up for a free Magnolia Perks account. 
To purchase a candle subscription, you must be logged in to your Magnolia Perks account. Once logged in, you can find candle subscriptions for purchase in the Shop section of the Magnolia app and magnolia.com, or search for “candle subscriptions” in the Search field. You will be able to distinguish a candle subscription from a one-time purchase candle by noting the term “subscription” in the name of the item. Additionally, all one-time purchase candle product pages will provide a link where you can purchase that candle as a subscription. 
Once on the product page for a candle subscription, you will be able to select the scent you want, the size of the candle, the amount of those candles you want in each delivery, and the frequency of how often you would like your candle(s) to be delivered. These details can also be edited while in your shopping cart before checkout. All candle subscriptions will auto-renew unless canceled. 
Seasonal Candle Subscriptions  
Magnolia also offers a special seasonal candle subscription. This subscription is custom designed to send you a specially selected Magnolia candle every 3 months (one for each season!), so there is no need to select the candle scent or delivery frequency. You will be able to select the size of the candles and how many you want in each delivery. The seasonal candle subscription is a one-year subscription and will auto-renew each year unless canceled. 
Managing Your Candle Subscriptions 
You can easily view and manage your candle subscription details from the Manage Candle Subscriptions page on the Magnolia app and website.  
To access this page, navigate to Account and then select Manage Candle Subscriptions. You can also access your Manage Candle Subscriptions page through the link in the confirmation email that was sent to your email address at the time of your candle subscription purchase, as well as through the link under the Details tab on all candle subscription product pages.  
From the Manage Candle Subscriptions page, you can make any adjustments needed to your candle subscriptions, including canceling your subscription, skipping a shipment, changing the frequency of your deliveries, changing your shipping address, or changing the credit card information associated with each subscription.   
Please note that all cancellations to subscriptions need to be made before your next charge date (which can be viewed on the Manage Candle Subscriptions page) in order to go into effect before you are charged for your next delivery.  
Gift Card and Gifting Purchases 
Candle subscriptions can be purchased with a Magnolia gift card, however, you will still need to enter your credit card information during purchase to cover any future deliveries. 
Candle subscriptions make a great gift, however, please keep in mind that the Magnolia Perks account used to purchase the subscription will be the account that has access to manage that subscription. Also, when purchasing a candle subscription as a gift, remember to set the delivery address for the subscription to the person receiving the gift, not your own.  
Click here for more information on our return policy.  
If you need any further assistance on your candle subscription purchases, please click here to contact our guest services team. 

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