Signing up for discovery+ on the Magnolia app

Updated: 2023-05-08 17:36:28 UTC

While you don't need a discovery+ subscription to create a Magnolia Perks account, you will need an active discovery+ subscription to access all Magnolia Network shows and episodes on the Magnolia app and website.

A discovery+ subscription gives you access to the greatest collection of real-life entertainment - with your favorite shows and personalities, plus exclusive originals, together in one incredible service. Learn more about discovery+ here

You can sign up for discovery+ on the Magnolia app or at You'll also be given the opportunity to subscribe to discovery+ when you encounter locked content on the Magnolia app, like a Magnolia Network show or episode.

Please note: If you decide to sign up for discovery+ on the Magnolia app, you'll need to use the same email and password associated with your Magnolia Perks account. 

If you have questions about subscribing to discovery+ on the Magnolia app or website, please contact us.

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