Historic Waco Castle Auction

Updated: 2023-06-23 21:06:16 UTC

The Historic Waco Castle was purchased by Chip and Joanna Gaines in 2019 to bring it new life and restore it as a home once again. The Gaines’ invited people from all over to follow along on their incredible three-year restoration journey through Fixer Upper: The Castle, and now they invite anyone interested in calling this piece of history home to participate in its online auction. In partnership with Concierge Auctions, Magnolia Realty looks forward to honoring this historic property by seeing it become a well-loved home once again.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Historic Waco Castle, you can visit Concierge Auction's online marketplace at conciergeauctions.com. Please know, we have no direct interaction with the sale of this property. All questions, bidding, and purchasing will need to be handled through Concierge Auctions directly. Additionally, showings of the property are available by appointment only. You can read more about the qualification and purchasing process with Concierge Auctions by visiting conciergeauctions.com.

You can always watch the Gaines' journey of restoring this piece of Waco history by watching Fixer Upper: The Castle on discovery+ and Max.


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