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Magnolia Emails 
For inspiration and news about all other parts of the Magnolia brand, sign up for a free Magnolia Perks account on the Magnolia app or magnolia.com. Stay in the know about upcoming Magnolia retail promotions, new products and collections, what’s happening in Waco, the latest from Chip & Jo, and more. 

  • To sign up for Magnolia emails, create a free Magnolia Perks account by clicking here and you will be automatically subscribed to the email list
  • To unsubscribe from Magnolia emails, click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a Magnolia email
  • If you’re a Magnolia Perks member, you can also subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage the categories of content you want to hear about all from the Preference Center on magnolia.com and in the Magnolia app. Learn more about the Preference Center here


Magnolia Network Emails 
Magnolia Network newsletters deliver details about all of your favorite Magnolia Network shows directly to your inbox, including new episode premieres, featured shows, regular programming guides, and more. 


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