Password Does Not Meet Security Standards

Updated: 2023-05-08 17:58:19 UTC

There are several reasons why you may receive an error message stating that your password has been denied, including not meeting our security requirements. 

If your password is denied, we ask that you create a new password that you have never used before and that you will use only for your Magnolia Perks and discovery+ subscription. Your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters, including an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number.  

A password resembling "Disc1234" is more likely to be denied, while a more complex password resembling "D97fl8ee" is more likely to meet security standards. 

Please note: If you have both a discovery+ subscription account and a Magnolia Perks account, any changes you make to either your discovery+ subscription or your Magnolia Perks account will apply to both services, including changes such as changing your password.

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