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Updated: 2021-09-16 21:10:54 UTC

I have an idea for a new show, who can I send it to?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept or review any unsolicited ideas, submissions or proposals related to television network programming.

Will Chip and Joanna have a show on Magnolia Network?
At this time, we do not have any further information on the new network than what has been announced on our blog post. It’s still in the very early days of production so be sure to stay tuned for any future announcement we make!

What is the name of the new network?
Magnolia Network

When will Magnolia Network be available to watch?
In the coming months, DIY Network will transition full-time to Magnolia Network. Follow @magnolianetwork on all social platforms, for real time updates.


How can I watch Magnolia Network?
If you currently have access to the DIY Network, then you'll have access to Magnolia Network once it launches. DIY Network, soon to be Magnolia Network, is available to cable, satellite, and streaming customers across the United States. Click here to find the different ways to watch DIY Network. 

Can I work for the network?
You can find all of our current positions from our careers portal on our website here

For more information, please click here

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