Discount Code Exclusions

Updated: 2020-02-13 17:03:40 UTC

Magnolia occasionally offers discount codes for promotions with our online store, these can be entered in at checkout. Discounts do not apply to shipping or tax, cannot be combined, and many are only valid for First Time Shoppers with one-time use per Guest.

Each code has its own unique conditions and is applicable to different items/ collections. However, there are select items/ collections that are excluded from every generic discount code.

Unless specified otherwise, here is a list of items/ collections that are not eligible for discount codes:

- Paint
- Rugs
- Sale Items
- Live Plants 
- Furniture
- Pillows
- Homebody Loungewear Set
- Select Oversize Items
- Items in the pre-order stage
- Magazine subscriptions
- Event Tickets
- Gift Cards

Additionally, rugs, paint and wallpaper are excluded from any shipping promotions or discounts